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1/2 Hour Call-back

response to our

clients' calls for help,

or that service is




(if ControlNet Client, will be

credited to your account at

client discounted hourly rate)



Ok, Steve… I’ll Put You To The Test!

Please activate this voucher so I can receive 2 hours of free technical support and have you “on-call” to solve any unexpected technical problem I run into. I understand that I am not obligated to do or purchase anything by activating this voucher, or when I take you up on your 2 hours of free tech support.

How To Redeem Your 2 Free Hours of Support:

1.   Complete and fax this form to our office.

2.   Call our Technical Support Hot Line the next time you experience a computer problem and an experienced, certified technician will respond immediately!

How To Use Your 2 Hours of Free Support:

  • Diagnose any computer network problem you are experiencing.

  • Check your network’s security against hackers and viruses.

  • Scan and remove spyware.

  • Check your network back-up system to make sure it is working properly.

  • Diagnose slow, unstable PCs.

  • Perform a quick network “tune up” to make programs and files load faster.

  • Discuss a project or upgrade you are considering, or even give you a second opinion on a quote you received.


Please complete this form or click here for a form to fax to our office

 Your Name:




 City, State, Zip:


 E-mail Address:

 Number of PCs:

  Contact me immediately!  I have a project or problem I need your help with right away.

  Don’t contact me right now; just activate my voucher and I’ll call you when I need you.

                                                                            (Voucher good until 2/28/2009)


This certificate is good for 2 hours of free technical support. In order to qualify for this offer, you must be a business with 8 or more PCs. This voucher cannot be sold, traded, or transferred to another party.  The bearer is not obligated to purchase any additional services or products upon redemption of this voucher.                


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