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We're Looking to Acquire Other Computer Consulting Practices

Are you an "accidental entrepreneur"?  During the last few years many IT professionals in the New Hampshire found themselves out of work and started their own consulting practices to bridge the gap until they could find another job.  Now that the economy is picking up, perhaps you're ready to rejoin the workforce as an employee instead of your own boss.

If you have a full-time or part-time consulting practice that you'd like to sell, Mission Control Networks may have a good opportunity for you.  Perhaps your firm has a specialty (i.e. programming, web design) and you'd like to sell your support-only clients.  Transitioning your client base to Mission Control Networks has many benefits:

  • Your clients have an effortless transition and their computer support continues uninterrupted.

  • You can gracefully eliminate legacy clients that don't fit your current business model.

  • You can put yourself back in the regular job market without worrying about your current clients.

  • You can receive income from your client base without having to do any work.

  • There may be an employment opportunity with Mission Control Networks for you.

Of course, not every practice is a good fit for acquisition by Mission Control Networks.  Some scenarios that might not be a good fit include:

  • A practice that is less than 12 months old (exceptions can be made, however)

  • Client billing rates dramatically less than the market rate (if you couldn't make money supporting them, how can we?)

  • Too many clients outside of Mission Control Network's core service territory

  • Specialty practices (i.e. custom programming, heavy database, esoteric industries, etc.)

  • Too many Unix/Linux/Macintosh clients (we're primarily a Microsoft shop)

  • Practices with poor reputations (again, some exceptions could be made)

Give us a call and we can talk about your situation and discuss possibilities.  Call Steve Jamele at (603) 581-2604 or email jobs@missioncontrolnetworks.com



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