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But Don’t Take Our Word For It…
Look At What Our Clients Are Saying:


“Good thing we signed up for the free audit Mission Control Networks was offering! They discovered a major flaw in our backup system, cleaned up some spyware we didn’t even know we had, and helped us solve a number of problems. Plus, their ControlNet Plan is exactly what we’ve been looking for. There is a huge sense of security that comes from knowing our network is safely monitored night and day. Highly recommended!”

And this:

"Since you almost always hear from me when things are going wrong (and believe me, I’m in the business!)  I wanted to let you know that my computer is working marvelously and I am experiencing no issues.  In fact, you cured a couple of annoying problems that I was simply going to live with.  Thanks for your good work.  I hope you know, I consider you one of my best vendors."


Mike McDonnell, Cimarron Realty Trust

Cimarron Suites

Best Western Seabrook Inn


  Respected Law Firm Upgrades Technology to Better Serve Their Clients                                                                                                                              

"Our firm was somewhat hesitant to change computer service vendors, but we needed to find a company that would be more responsive to our requests and could implement email encryption in a timely manner for communication with one of our largest clients. Steve was wonderfully adept in not only getting the server installed in a manner that was minimally disruptive to our operation, but really did a tremendous job of getting us all comfortable and showing us some of the ways that we could improve what we were doing and streamline what we are doing. I'm very, very enthusiastic about Steve and what he has done for us. I've seen that my staff tremendously benefits from this."

"We've just thoroughly enjoyed working with Steve because he's been so professional and timely in what he's done for us. I'll say this for the way he's operated with us: he hasn't sold us products and taken a markup or anything like that. He's essentially created a list of the products that we need, hardware and software and so on, and allowed us to buy it on a best priced basis directly from a really good national supplier that's known to have the best and extremely competitive prices."

"I think he has saved us a huge amount in that department. "  -

(To read the entire interview with Tom Haughey, click HERE) 

Tom Haughey, Haughey, Philpot, & Laurent P.A.


"I work with many technical organizations on projects and I must say I enjoy working with Steve Jamele of Mission Control Networks. Nowadays it is rare to find a blend of technical skills, business experience, and a compassion for a “job well done” in organizations. Mission Control Networks has this blend of skills and has consistently provided a high level of service. Mission Control Networks has the passion to work though any business challenge and provides the feedback I require."

                                    Ken Bartke, Sonalyst Solutions


"Steve Jamele has been very responsive when we requested help for a variety of network issues, including data circuit and router problems. Steve stayed with the problems until they were resolved. I appreciate his diligence in following up to ensure that everything was up and running properly." –                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

James Gosselin, Genesis Behavioral Health



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