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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mission Control Networks all about?

We work with businesses with 5-50+ computers to set up real world, reasonable, affordable, and professional computer networks and Internet services.  Most of our clients are looking for a few basic things:

  • A secure computing environment, where data is protected, viruses are detected, and intruders are kept out.

  • An email system which allows employees to send and receive messages at the company's own Internet domain name (i.e. yourcompany.com)

  • An office network which allows printers, files, accounting software, etc. to be shared and which works with the Internet and the company's email system.

  • A person to call when things don't go right, and the peace of mind that this person will fix the problems quickly.

  • The peace of mind of knowing that this aspect of their business is being monitored and managed properly.

  • A reasonable price.

We strive to meet all of these needs and more for our clients. 

We will assign a primary support person (a Tech) to your account.  When not on-site, your Tech can be reached by telephone for assistance calls as needed.  You will have the benefit of your own Tech when you need him, without having to pay for the times you don't. 

Most of our newer customers are on a fixed-price managed service agreement.  These agreements provide for computer and network support for a flat fee that can be budgeted for like rent or insurance.

Which technologies does Mission Control Networks specialize in?

We're a "Microsoft shop", which means we work primarily with Microsoft Windows technologies.  These are the same technologies most businesses depend on for their daily needs.

We do not try to push specific technologies or software.  If you have an existing setup in place, we will work with what you have, and make recommendations on where improvements can be made.  If you are looking for recommendations, we will discuss the pros and cons of several options and leave it to you to make the final decisions. 

Macintosh, Unix, and Linux are not our specialties, but we can work to integrate them into your network and have great business partners who can provide support to these systems as needed.

Do you guarantee satisfaction?

Absolutely.  If you're not happy with any aspect of our performance, we will make it right.  We do ask, however, that you communicate with us openly and honestly so that we can work most effectively with you. 

How do you charge for your services?

Most newer customers have chosen to work with us on a fixed-price managed service agreement.  These agreements provide you with all of the PC and network support you need for a flat monthly fee that can be easily budgeted.  This approach allows us to be more proactive and manage your technology to avoid problems.  We encourage you to review our managed service options.

We also offer our services on an hourly basis, generally for projects: installs of computers or servers, firewalls, software, and so on.  As we are looking for a long term client relationship, one hourly arrangement we do not offer is commonly called "break/fix", meaning that after it breaks, we fix it.   Customers wishing a less reactive service level would be better served with our managed service agreement, ControlNet .

Other services such as web site hosting, email hosting, and offsite backup services are available at separate monthly charges or as part of an agreement.

Any expenses incurred on your behalf will also be billed to you.

Invoices are generated as work is performed and are due within fifteen days.  We do ask that you keep your account current.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards.

 How long have you been in business?

We've been serving the region for over 2 years with over 16 years practice serving the technology needs of a wide variety of businesses in New England..

Do you have references?

Absolutely.  We have several here on the web site and others on request.

Why would I want to hire Mission Control Networks?

Mission Control Networks offers a reasonably priced way to enjoy many of the benefits of today's modern technology without having to hire an IT staff to manage it for you.  We are committed to customer satisfaction.


More questions?  Send them to stevej@missioncontrolnetworks.com or visit our Contact page.



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